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Coming soon: A New and Even Better Color Index.

Color Index XL is much larger than its two predecessors, has way more colors, and is organized and formatted in a completely new way. This should be available in the Fall of 2017. More info here.

New Online Color Course with!

As you might've seen on my homepage, I recently finished filming a 28-chapter video course: Color for Design and Art. Tons and tons of tips, examples, demonstrations, and ideas for designers, artists, and anyone else who wants to get a better handle on choosing and using colors. See the preview and maybe sign up for a free trial membership with the super-amazing

Feeding Instagram

As a lifelong addict of picture-taking and film-making, I love being able to upload my day-to-day images and videos to Instagram. Follow my Instagram feed.

Two New Articles

I recently uploaded two articles for designers, illustrators, and most any other kind of creative professional. Would love to hear what you think. The articles are: Designers and illustrators: Don’t blame your colors if your color scheme is ugly and Success as a creative freelancer isn’t pure magic. But mostly, it is.

Typography video course

Not only is my latest book, Lessons in Typography, on sale now, so is a 29-chapter video course based on the book's content. The course was recorded at Peachpit's studios in San Fransisco, and it seemed like the whole process went really well. This 4-minute video talks about both the book and the video course.

The actual Lessons In Typography video course can be found here, on Peachpit's site.

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