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It’s here! A New and Even Better Color Index.

Color Index XL is much larger than its two popular predecessors, has way more colors, and is organized and formatted in a completely new way. In my humble opinion, you should really check it out. More info here.

A Popular Online Color Course, starring me :-)

As you might've seen on my homepage, I've put together 28-chapter video course through the great people at It's called Color for Design and Art. Tons and tons of tips, examples, demonstrations, and ideas for designers, artists, and anyone else who wants to get a better handle on choosing and using colors. See the preview and maybe sign up for a free trial membership with the super-amazing

Feeding Instagram

As a lifelong addict of picture-taking and film-making, I love being able to upload my day-to-day images and videos to Instagram. Follow my Instagram feed.

Two New Articles

I recently uploaded two articles for designers, illustrators, and most any other kind of creative professional. Would love to hear what you think. The articles are: Designers and illustrators: Don’t blame your colors if your color scheme is ugly and Success as a creative freelancer isn’t pure magic. But mostly, it is.

Typography video course

Not only is my latest book, Lessons in Typography, on sale now, so is a 29-chapter video course based on the book's content. The course was recorded at Peachpit's studios in San Fransisco, and it seemed like the whole process went really well. This 4-minute video talks about both the book and the video course.

The actual Lessons In Typography video course can be found here, on Peachpit's site.

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