Books, photos, design: Lots of things, all connected. Check out any of the above links to find out more about the different kinds of work I do. This page features highlighted news and bits of info that may be of interest. Thanks for visiting my site.

Hey!!I'll be taking part in the new Designers Roundtable Retreat in Nashville on June 25 and 26. How about joining the fun and signing up? Should be a really great event!

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Yep. Jim Krause Design is on Facebook. I'm doing my best to keep the page useful and relevant by uploading interesting images, links, book exerpts and, well, all the usual Facebooky kinds of things. Check it out, and if you like it, "Like" it. Thanks!

I love coffee.
I've been working on a series of prints that show the inner-workings of all the major espresso drinks. Looking foward to posting more samples and more information about these things soon.